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I have been getting quite a few questions, that ask, if all I see in these visions are all bad.

The answer is NO! 

So far the most inspiring vision, is the one I will share today.  This vision was unique because it has been so hard to describe.  I draw hope from it.  And have encouraged others by telling them about it.  Now I hope these words encourage you.  That indeed there is a Heaven being prepared for all those who believe, for all those who are weary, for all those who wait on the Lord.  I hope these words do this vision justice.

September in the year 1997

As I was meditating on God's purpose for my life.

In the quietness of my meditation, I hear a soft voice say to me, "Come with me."  As I looked up an Angel of light picked me up under my arms and lifted me gently into the sky.

I asked him where we were going and he responded, "To the beginning of time."

The Angel carried me into darkness, a darkness where there was no light ever.  Then I heard a voice with such authority say, "Let there be light!"  And a light exploded all around us.  This voice spoke into being the universe.  As the voice spoke all was created to His Words.  I was awed at seeing creation.

I asked the Angel, "What does this mean?"  The Angel gave no answer.

Again I heard a soft voice say, "Come with me."

I asked the Angel, "Where do we go to now?"

"We go to Golgotha, the place of the skulls."  Was the Angel's reply.  The Angel set me down at the base of a cross and I looked up.  I saw someone there naked and beaten so badly I did not recognize Him.  He was in such pain I cried there and wondered why no one would help Him.  I heard Him cry, " Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?"  Even though He spoke in a language that I did not understand, I knew His Words!  It was my savior, Lord Jesus Christ.  In His pain He looked at me with love.  I fell to my knees and cried.  The Angel comforted me.

Then one last time I heard a quiet voice say, "Come with me."  Carefully the Angel carried me away from the cross, I wept at what I saw and asked again what this meant.

The Angel placed me on a sea of glass.  I looked and I saw thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people dressed in white.  I saw my Savior stand by a throne, He was happy.  He looked deeply at me and I felt encompassed by His love.  All the people shouted "Praise be to the Most High!"  I was filled with joy and did not want to leave.  The Angel said it was time to go, I nodded.  He picked me up and took me from that place.

I asked the Angel, "What does this mean?"

The Angel did not reply and returned me to the place I was meditating.

Praise be to God!  For He counted me worthy to share all this with me.  If you read this, Praise God, as you were worthy to read these Words!

Amen and Amen
Come Soon Lord Jesus

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