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With all that God showed me, my faith was weak. I still was unsure about being a prophet. I felt how could I be all these things and be so weak in faith.

November 1st in the year 2001
I cried as I was abandoned by my friends. I asked God what use I was to Him. "I am a Prophet. I am a Warrior. I am Your Servant. Show me O God. Show me." Was my cry.

As I looked up I saw a blue sky. I looked around and saw many planes, some landing, some taking off. Then God said, "Look and see!"  I saw a plane taking off and something like a giant hand smashed into it. It exploded and I saw pieces of the plane crash in what appeared to me as New York city.

"Why must I see this God?" I asked.

God replied, "You need to see how seriously it is that I have called you a Prophet."

"Warn them O Lord!" I replied.

God quietly responded, "I have warned them, they again are too proud. They will deny it happened and even call it an accident. When you see this happen know that it is I who calls you to service."

"Yes, Lord I will not forget again!" I closed my eyes, bowed my head and praised Him.

Quietly He returned me....

Amen and Amen

Come Soon Lord Jesus

On November 12, 2001, about 09:16 eastern standard time, American Airlines flight 587 crashed into Belle Harbor, a New York City residential area. National Transportation Safety Board concluded that it was an accident. While al-Qaeda took credit for the destruction of this plane.



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