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As I struggled this year to endure patiently the pain of having my family ripped away from me.  I wondered if God forgot me.  Where I once was strong in faith, my faith was weak.  I could not understand how a church claiming to be Christ centered would convince my wife to leave me.  Even more to encourage Divorce and separation...

Has God forgotten me?  I received this vision, and by miracle, a few months later, my wife was allowed by the law to return home.

September 11, 2009

I knelt by my bed for hours begging God to allow my wife to return home.  I cried to Him, and asked why would He allow such a great tragedy to hit my family.  My heart ached for my wife, for my children.  I cried not only for me but for the many who are suffering as I am right now, how God would allow the persecution for those who are truly Christian.  How the Church has become a scary place, where God is not worshipped but is sold as a commodity.  My tears washed over me and I sobbed, I placed my hands over my face covering my eyes.  Then someone whispered... "LOOK!"

I stood up and found myself standing at the bottom of a large hill.  To my left was a highway, off in the distance.  I felt compelled to climb the hill, to look over the hill.  As I climbed the hill, I felt so discouraged.  I did not feel like going on.  But inside I heard a voice softly saying, "Go, climb, and see!"

Just as I reached the peak, I could see a city about 50 Km away.  Then I heard a rumbling sound above me, as I looked up I saw a trail of smoke that in a long string moved towards the city.  Just when the smoke was above the city, it was replaced with a great blinding flash.  A few moments later a pillar of fire and smoke appeared at the center of the city, as it rose up into the sky, I could see a shockwave move out.  Everything in its path seemed to just vanish.  As it reached the spot where I was standing, I felt a great wind, and somehow I was able to stand through it all.  As the wind died down a great ring of smoke rose from the city.  I saw nothing left of the city, it was as it had been erased from the land.

I fell to my knees and once again I sobbed, for the loss of life was great.  Then as I felt I could not longer endure the grief that had fallen over my heart, I felt a peace grow like warmth from inside me.  As my eyes cleared from the tears, I was again kneeling at the foot of my bed.

I have asked God, when this would happen?  His reply was, "Soon!"

Amen and Amen

Come soon Lord Jesus




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