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This is a vision that I had, and as far as I know it has never happened. This is the first time I ever shared this vision.

October 6th in the year 2002
Around 3am I was restless in my bed. A bright light flashed all around me and I could not see for a time. When my eyesight cleared, I found myself standing in front of an apartment building. There was a great and wide building across the roadway from me. Soldiers passed on the road in front of me and told me to go home. They pointed at the apartment block. I wandered aimlessly in the building and stopped when I felt the ground shake beneath me. I stumbled and fell to my knees crying loudly, "What does this mean?"

I ran outside to see a great fire burning off in the distance. There were soldiers and people everywhere. Everyone was screaming in fear.

Then a voice from Heaven spoke and said, "Look and see what must happen!"

I looked up to see a passenger jet flying close to the ground. As I watched it flew into the base of the great building across the road from me. It exploded in a massive explosion of heat and fire. The ground shook worse than before. I fell to my knees crying and praying to God asking, "Why must this happen?"

I was encompassed in a warm bright light, and was comforted from my distress. When the light faded I was once again in my bed.

Amen and Amen

Come Soon Lord Jesus



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