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Prophets in DepressionPrintable Copy

Romans 8:31
New International Version(NIV)

31 What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?


Moses - Exodus 4:10-17, Elijah - 1 Kings 19, Jonah - Jonah 4

For us to battle depression, we must be follow the Bible.  I have listed 5 ways I have discovered in the Bible that will help battle depression.  Don't be discouraged because these three prophets struggled with depression as you might.  You are in good company with your depression.

1) Depression is not a sin, depression is a symptom, look for the root to the depression.

2) Take time to relax and rest 1 Kings 19:5-6

3) Guard against subtle complexes

    - Moses had a inferiority complex
    - Elijah has a martyrdom complex
    - Jonah had a superiority complex

    Develop a deep friendship with another Christian

4) Remember that God is for you, not against you - Romans 8:31

5) Claim God's Promises

As I myself struggle with depression, I lean on Jesus more and more.  If you struggle and need someone to talk to, and you can't find anyone, just leave me a message in the feedback page.  I will be happy to help.  When you talk with me, you will talk with someone who understands cause its my struggle too.  Find someone to help share this burden...

Neo... November 17, 2011(orginally written March 29, 2011)